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Berry Summer Bowl

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

You know Summer is on it's way when the following all occur simultaneously: 1. It's berry season 2. It's hot at 9am 3. You crave cold, fresh, light foods more than cooked and dense food. This recipe is just like you would buy it at your favourite cafe. But you can tweak it to suit what fruit you have on hand, and the toppings that you like most. Berries are amazing for their antioxidants which fight free radicals and lowers inflammation, but also their phytonutrient content. The combination of macro and micro nutrients has led to the findings that berries reduce neurodegenerative oxidative stress, inflammation, improve blood sugar and insulin response, protect against cancer, protect against macular degeneration and improve cardiovascular function.

Make sure to eat your berries in season and organically where possible so as to minimise exposure to pesticides. Eating your berries fresh also retains their vitamin C levels, which deteriorate when frozen. If you're looking at the ingredient list and are wondering what maca is all about, you can read about it over here. Click recipe below to download & print ->

Berry Summer Bowl

With berry love, Rose xx


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