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14 DAY


About the 14 Day Juice Cleanse


Most of us are over burdened with sluggish livers due to our lifestyle choices and lack of self love.  Many of us choose and indulge in over eating and over drinking far too often, which affects our bodily system in many ways. Some of these effects are immediate and last only a while; while others accumulate over time and may significantly affect our physical and mental health, and our quality of life.

The critical point of a Juice Fast is to fast track the cleansing process and alleviate the burden caused upon the bodily system by the wrong lifestyle choices we make with our eating and drinking. This is done by saturating the blood stream with nutrient dense juices, giving a boost of vitamins, antioxidants including folate, vitamin C, vitamin E and beta carotene thus creating a perfect environment for detoxification for the removal of toxic and morbid matter.



Deep bodily cleanse.

Juicing extracts the vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables making the liquid nourishment easily absorbed by the digestive system allowing the gut to rest while nourishing the cells and flushing out waste, toxic and morbid matter from the colon and blood stream.


Re-oxygenates the blood.

As a result of juicing green vegetables, we naturally consume a lot more chlorophyll, which is are oxygen rich foods. This naturally increase the blood oxygen levels. There is also a boost of antioxidant capacity.

Regenerates the cells.

The fresh juice of plants is very much like the juice of our cells. Drinking the juice of fresh greens, vegetable and fruit is like drinking the nectar of the rejuvenation of youth. The essential elements that may be lacking in your body cells – particularly the live enzymes, bioactive vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and other unknown factors can be easily assimilated through daily sunlight transfusion of fresh green juices that are often destroyed by processing. The researchers found that fasting dramatically improves stem cells ability to regenerate, in both aged and young mice.

Cleanses the small, large intestines and arteries.

Juice helps to improve blood flow, this is due to the high level of free radical antioxidants in the food we juice. Drinking only juices also allows the digestive system to rest and detoxification of the bowel to activate more rapidly.

Defog the brain.

Brain fog can be a symptom of nutrient deficiency, overconsumption of sugar, bacterial overgrowth, and poor diet. A juice fast is rich in nutrition contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which nourishes the brain and protects it from oxidative stress.

Softens body mucoid plaques.

The term refers to an unhealthy accumulation of waste product that isn't eliminated therefore creating a toxic burden for the body, and also a lack of nutrient absorption. A regular juice fast can be beneficial for the release of these morbid matter over time.

Elimination of fungus.

A juice fast is a powerful anti-inflammatory aid that will starve bacteria, yeast, mould, fungus and viruses in the body and flush their toxins and debris out of the intestinal tract and liver. This process is ideal to cleanse and repair intestinal linings.

Alkalises the bodily systems.

A juice fast is extremely alkaline and healthy. An alkaline system helps fight free-radical damage and inflammation and support healthy cellular regeneration within your body.

Relaxes the nervous system.

Nutrition as it applies to the nervous system is sadly neglected. Your green juices are filled with chlorophyll which is loaded with magnesium, and magnesium relaxes the nervous system. You will feel better on a juice fast, happier and less stressed and tired.

Provide deeper and better sleep patterns.

I have often said that a green juice before bed is a sleeping aid. Magnesium full greens can make falling asleep easier due to its relaxing effect on muscles and nerves.

Increased alertness returns upon waking up.

The vitamins and minerals from juicing will boost your mental alertness and reduce stress and anxiety. Drinking a regular morning juice maintains alertness and concentration during the day.

Productivity during the day increases.

Juice fasting helps improve productivity, it is also a combination of many things, such as getting quality sleep which increases the energy level, and the body is feeling lighter and happier. The nutrients are also increasing better brain and thinking power.

Lighter and happier feelings returns.

A juice fast is effective in making the entire body feel better both internally and externally. It is an optimum rejuvenation and revitalisation process, and an excellent way to stay healthy and to a comfortable weight.


Perception and positivity shifts.

A juice fast is like taking a happy pill. Whilst having a mindset on health and cleanse, a positive shift and a new lease of life is often experienced at the end of the fast.


and find out if I am suitable to start it now. 

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On the Juice Fast, we found so many positive factors, that made the 14 days so much fun and enjoyable. First, my partner and I were super organised and kept our fridge stocked full of all the fruit and vegetables we love. We found that we had more time during the day because we didn't have to plan and prep lunch or dinner meals. We would do all our juicing in the morning that would feed us the whole day. In the evenings, we had so much more time to do some of the things we don't usually get time to do. READ MORE

Lin Wee - Business Owner


I was feeling sluggish and had put on 5kg over COVID. Juice fast was easier than I had imagined. I enjoyed the many juice combinations and felt proud of myself for sticking to the plan. I lost 4.5 kg and felt clean and energised 🤗

Anita Noitz

The Juice Fast was an amazing detox. I couldn't believe the transformation I felt physically and mentally. My main goal was to lose weight and I lost 8.5kg in the two weeks achieving reaching my goal weight. I also felt so much more energy and the most spectacular discovery is that my eyesight had improved and my prescription dropped by half a degree in both eyes!

Peter Stewart - Business Owner


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The Juice Fast takes place over 14 days. A consultation with Rosemarie is required to ensure you are ready and able to participate in the Juice Fast. Once you have been approved, you will be provided with all the essential information like the shopping list, planners on how to plan your next 14 days, juicing ideas and recipes and instructions on what to do to stay on top of your goals. 

The Juice Fast isn't for everyone however. Before you participate in the Juice Fast, Rosemarie must first determine if you are suitable to ensure that your body is strong and can handle the detox. Book in for a consultation with Rosemarie to help determine if and when you can start.


There are a few different stages that can be felt during fasting. Personal experiences can be different from one person to another, depending on the age or the health of the individual.

Stage 1: Days 1 to 4

Stage 1 can last up to 4 days, and I recommend starting a fast on a Thursday if you are working, that way you have the weekend to rest and get acquainted with the program. Better still, to be at ease take a few days off work.


Preparation is key for the success of any fast or clean eating programs. At the beginning, there is a transition period that can be experienced as most challenging. This is when you start to feel the hunger pain as you skip regular mealtime routine. However drinking a juice every couple of hours does reduce this pain quite quickly. During these early days, you may feel a reduction in energy levels, and this can induce a negative mind set or irritability. It is wise to be patient with yourself and rest if you can. Your digestion is starting to slow right down, your body goes into ‘safe mode’, your basal metabolic rate or BMR becomes efficient and uses less energy. Everything slows right down including your heart rate and blood pressure. At this stage you may feel drained of energy, however this passes and after a short while (4 days or less) some of that lost energy returns.


Stage 2: Days 5 to 7

Mentally, the act of juice fasting is an excellent way to use of will power. A lot of changes begin to happen at this stage quite quickly. You become less hungry and more energetic. During the first stage it is best to rest when tired, you may sleep deeper and longer at night and even during the day while fasting, giving the body a chance to deepen both with the detoxification and rejuvenation. You start burning fat which is the first benefit being weight loss. Getting rid of that extra fat has a detoxifying effect on the body. Your body stores toxic morbid matter in fat stores,

these toxicity are safely expelled from your body as fat reserves get used up. Another benefit is your complexion improves.

Stage 3: Day 8 to 14

This stage includes dramatic improvements in mood and mental clarity. Most people, not all will report dramatic improvement including an elevated mood, increased energy levels, a clear mind and a feeling of happiness unique to fasting. You are now entering a healing mode, this healing process occurs whilst the digestive system is dormant. The body has fewer free radicals entering the body and oxidative stress decreases. The benefits are healthy ageing and fewer health complications.


As part of the program, you will receive:

  • 3 one on one consults to track your progress, answer any questions you might have and assess where you are at mentally, physically and emotionally. (1 hour each)

  • Daily schedule to help you focus on the important aspects in achieving your optimal end result.

  • Juicing meal plan to follow so you stay on track.

  • Recipes of delicious juices to follow so you enjoy your journey throughout.

  • A check list of remedial activities to ensure you look after your body

  • Access to our private Facebook group page where you can share your stories with other past and present Juice Fasters for additional support and motivation.


I would like to book in a consultation to discuss if I am right to participate in

Thanks for submitting! I will give you a call to discuss the Juice Cleanser shortly.

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