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Nature's Way

Healthy living comes from natures law.  That is good lifestyle through fresh food, mindful breathing, good sleep patters, rest, relaxation, movements of the body, drinking fresh water and mindful thoughts.


Health is a decision.  I recommend taking responsibility from the time you wake up until you go to bed.


Any ailment and disease will not exist in an alkaline body, and naturopathy is a system of alternative median based on the theory that diseases can be successful treated or prevented with lifestyle changes, such as control of diet, right thinking,  exercise and body works.


Nature is a great healer.  The body itself has its own healing capacity and power to self heal and correct.  We do however need to present the correct and right environment for the body so that it can regain health if unhealthy.


As a naturopath the use of herbal remedies are common as well as vitamins and minerals.  However the correct nutrition and lifestyle changes can save a lot of money by eliminating supplementations.


I know some people prefer supplements if their lives are busy.  Personally I prefer to teach my clients to prepare their own food from scratch using fresh ingredients.  It is the best way and the results is quick and significant.


I have always advocated that food is medicine.  I have used it for depression successfully quite a few times for myself.


The food you eat will corrects blood sugar levels, type 2 diabetes, cholesterols, and moods very quickly.  Over time it will also correct autoimmune diseases and others.


The journey of correcting your food and lifestyle can take as long as you want but it can also be an overnight decision to completely commit.


I have found the sicker and frustrated my clients are, having exhausted all other possibilities, it is only then that the commitment is 100%.  When fully committed,  the journey of wellness will often give quick and wonderful positive results.


I see myself as a teacher giving information and guidance for better health and vital life-force of the human body.  I get very excited to see change in my clients through food as medicine.  Their skin starts glowing and their eyes become sparkly and more alive.  And of course they do not mind shedding the extra kilos.


When I see a client on the first initial visit, going through their daily food intake will give me a good indication where to take them.  I very rarely see a person whose diet and food intake I can change to a healthier version.


Most people will tell me that they eat well and are healthy.  And yet they come knowing that I am a food as medicine Naturopath.  I find this quite funny.  These clients are surprised to feel so much better very quickly with subtle changes in food and lifestyle change.


The greatest joy I receive are from healthy changes that food can make in the human body.  I love seeing these changes in my clients.


I see weeds, and herbs as food and medicine also.  There are so many weeds in our gardens that are available for our health benefits.  We need to be educated in discovery what they are. Many cultures use these plants for regular meals, but other countries see them as a pest.  Weeds are undervalued as medicine.


I have learnt over the years to rotate through 5 nourishing rich herbs to receive all nutrients needed, such as vitamins, minerals as well as protein.  I teach my clients to infuse these nourishing herbs overnight and drink the following day.


Nourishing plants always build health.  Their effects are slower but still will give significant improvement in well being seen in ten days or less.  They can be powerful and life changing.  They are safe for anyone to use for any reason.

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The history of my client’s health is important for a naturopathy consultation.  It is through a collation of their their past health history and present health issues at the time that I can make a certain recommendation for change.  I run an acid/alkaline test and change their diet accordingly.  Herbal remedies are given for support.


The aim of coming to a naturopath in the first place is to educate the person to look after their own health and the health of their family, minimising symptoms of any illness, supporting the body’s capacity to heal and rebalance so that illness is less likely to occur in the future.  A range of therapies are used or suggested to support the client.


Naturopaths treat the root cause of the issue, for example an unhealthy gut environment, stress, bad lifestyle or eating bad food or lack of rest and so forth.  The end result is simply the body giving symptoms such as bad skin, irritability, anxiety, tiredness or bowel issue and so on.  Natural ways of correcting the body back to optimum health can be a broad spectrum of treatments and treatment combination.

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