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About Raw Satya

Raw Satya is a bustling and vibrant health and wellbeing practice run by Rosemarie Walmsley,  qualified naturopath and expert in ‘food as medicine’.

In sanskrit Satya means 'truth'.
‘Sat’ translates to ‘true essence’ or ‘true nature’, and a
Raw Satya you will reconnect with your true nature, slow down, become aware and more observant of your thoughts, words and actions. This is how you will learn to live in alignment with what will best support your health, wellbeing and relationships.

Here, Rosemarie welcomes and supports you to be seen, heard and understood and it is here that the practice of Raw Satya will transform your health.


At Raw Satya, we educate and empower you to fully embrace the raw truth of your life, eat well and feel alive.

Rosemarie Walmsley at Raw Food Worshop

Health Conditions

Rosemarie has practised for over 10 years and treats a wide range of different health conditions, however, she has a special interest in treating the following health conditions:

Mental health

Whether it's anxiety, depression or addiction, Rose is passionate about helping people fight their demons, gain clarity over what they want in life and achieve a lasting sense of happiness.


Weight loss

Rose is determined to get to the bottom of how people sabotage their weight loss efforts and knows what's needed to help people successfully lose weight once and for all - and it doesn't include calorie counting!


This phase of transition uncovers new challenges for both your mind and body.  Rose is experienced at helping women tackle their hot flushes, dryness and weight gain whilst assisting women to navigate the emotional challenges of menopause with poise. 


Gut health 

Do you have reflux, bloating, abdominal pain, flatulence or irregular bowel movements?  Do you have food intolerances?  Poor digestion affects more than just your digestive system - it can also impact your energy levels, skin health and immune function.  Rosemarie is passionate about helping you use food as medicine (she's a big fan of fermented food) to improve digestive function. 


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About Rosemarie Walmsley


Rosemarie completed her naturopathic qualifications at Laws College in 2010.  She has a special interest in mental health and has successfully helped many patients to overcome depression, anxiety, and addiction.  Many of her patients come to her seeking clarity and direction and she helps them to rediscover their true self, and regain a sense of happiness and fulfilment.

She has over 10 years of spiritual training with a Buddhist monk, Lama Marut, who has guided her on how to create a happier life.  This has allowed her to work through and resolve many of her own personal issues, whilst also helping her achieve great results for her clients.  See our testimonials page for some examples.

She has also undergone extensive studies with Krish Thomas Trobe, M.D., a psychiatrist from Harvard University. She applies many of these techniques within both her one-on-one consultations and group workshops.

She takes great pride in her work love helping her patients rediscover their true selves. Her passion and love for what she does shines through all that she does.


For consultation times, prices and conditions, please see our FAQ.

More Details


Naturopathy is a holistic and non-invasive method of treating various acute and chronic health conditions. With a focus on prevention, lifestyle and dietary factors are examined using natural remedies to address each person’s unique needs.

Naturopathy is used to minimise symptoms, support the body's ability to self-heal, re-balance the system and empower you to maximise and maintain your own health. 



Often occurring naturally within naturopathic consultations, holistic counselling encompasses the interactions between the psychological, physiological, emotional and spiritual. 

People are not one-dimensional creatures, therefore holistic counselling recognises that to treat the person, you need to treat the whole individual.



At Raw Satya, we offer various programs to rebalance the system and cleanse the body from within. Our programs are holistic and prescribe changes in diet, variation of lifestyle habits and adoption of gentle exercise. Your mental, emotional and physical health are all taken into account.

Your detox program will be tailored with full support from Rosemarie through on-demand advice and ongoing monitoring of progress. 

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