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Holistic Counselling

You don't have to deal with it on your own.

Mental attitudes and emotional states are important elements impacting health.  For both prevention and treatment of illness.  Naturopath incorporate counselling, and other mind-body techniques.


There was a direct lack of self love, self esteem, confidence issue and care with my clients if they were not able to give their 100% effort in changing their food to better their health.


I decided to dig a little deeper into myself and study the link between food and emotions.


This led me down the path of self discovery to help my clients


These days I get referred for holistic counselling for many relational issues.


The main relationship I look for in my clients is the relationship they have with themselves.


Most of us look for solutions outside of ourselves.  We dont take responsibility for the life’s challenges, nor lsit and be ok with what is comes up.  It is easy to point the finger with blame, criticism,  and complaints about our problems.  We see the problems coming at us but not from us.


Pointing my clients towards self responsibility is a start, then taking actions for connections with self and begin connecting with their bodies to get grounded, and start a contemplative and meditation process even for 1 minute daily.


Some of my clients love the self discovery and others find it hard and taxing.  It is this process that bring on a good sense of self and esteem and love.


You can deeply care and love yourself if you get to know the many parts of you.  All of you deserve your love and care.   Most people go about trying to fix their negative parts.


Here at Raw Satya we teach to acknowledge that part of you that you may not like very much, it is the part of you needing your attention.  By shining the light upon  the parts of you that you may not wish to acknowledge because you see it as bad or dark.  It may just be that part that just need to be poured love into.  It could be the missing link in your wholeness.


You cannot continue highlighting your positive points  repeating gratitude and expect positive change to occur.  We need to dig and delve deeper.  Being humble and aware and acknowledging the parts that are a personal challenge in your life will often highlight the missing link.  The parts of you crying to be heard and be seen.  Your wounded self that is often feeling shame, hurt and guilt.

  • Mental health, anxiety and depression

  • Sleep issues.

  • Lack of motivation

  • Weight issues

  • blood sugar and hormonal imbalance.

  • Diabetes

  • Autoimmune diseases.


For instance if people come to me with feeling sluggish I would look directly at their lifestyle, sleep patterns, and food habits.


Self esteem, lack of self love and confidence, this can be a lengthily process.  It takes time and commitment to look deeper in past issues, and even trauma.


Any health issues are directed to food dietary changes, lifestyle changes and stress levels.

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Most people dont need to give up on themselves.  Generally if you  are not feeling good enough in yourself, or feeling unwell and lack of energy and motivation, help is needed.  With a slight tweak here and there, it can be amazing how quickly the body respond to a little loving care.


Personalising each session to my client’s need takes time.   We are all different and multi dimentional with a variety of circumstances.  Taking time to make the client feel comfortable takes a good amount of listening and patience.  It is through deep listening that I discover solutions for my clients.  The healing and change happens over time through a process of trust, between the practitioner and client there is an intimate dance occurring, this can quite vulnerable at times.  At times we work with customised detox programs and at times we work through issues that have caused us most harm.  I also offer guided meditation during our consultations if I see fit.

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