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To Detox or not to Detox?

Giving a rest to the digestive system from daily overload of food intake and accumulated toxic matter is a necessary act.  The body will thank you for it.


Detoxification can be as easy as taking some food items out of the diet such as alcohol, recreational drugs, cigarettes, and coffee, Then it can deepen to eliminating wheat, and dairy.  So now you have 6 groups of habits to eliminate.  You can take a stronger stand along the way and eliminate all animal products.  Now you are getting serious.


Some people go out cold and eat a plant based diet as a detox, that works but it is best to be assisted by a health practioner as the process can be difficult.  It is also best to rest during the time of detoxing.  It is nice to do a retreat where all the food is prepared and you can also get looked after psychologically with your emotions as well as some assisted body massages.


A detox is a kind way for taking care of your body.  It is a reset and during that time your blood and lymphatic systems get to work extra hard to purify your body.  It is a wonderful feeling eventually.  Your mind feel clear and uncluttered.  Feeling good in the body due to some weight loss is also an advantage.



It is beneficial to recognise there is a  problem in the first place, and seek proper professional advise.  Our health is our wealth, there is nothing better than feeling wonderful through the food we eat.

The body corrects itself through an healthy  internal environment.  Using detoxification process maintain good health, and prevent sickness and treat illnesses.

I would like more information on


and how to get started now. 

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