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Stella H.

After 10 weeks on Rosemarie Walmsley's detox and Raw Satya programs, I am pleased to share with you that instead of having to start on insulin injections as was the plan by my endocrinologist, I have been booted out of the Diabetes clinic and referred back to my GP for follow up in 6 months as my blood sugar is back to normal. My cholesterol is 5 for the first time in 26 years and my blood pressure is 120/70.

Doug Z.

Rosemarie is my idea of a rock star Naturopath. I cannot say enough about her work. She is a master of her craft and has aided me greatly in meeting my goals to live a better, healthier lifestyle.

Deepika J.

The program itself is something else! I felt it brought up everything that needed healing but in such a subtle calm manner it felt like it flowed, everything made sense even if I couldn't articulate it logically or with words. It just felt right.

For anyone looking to turn their life around, if you are currently experiencing health issues of any sort, or if you just need that little extra advice in nutrition I would highly recommend seeing Rosemarie. You will be amazed with the results just within a few weeks.

- Kathy D.

Tottie G.

Rosemarie taught me how to use fruit, vegetables, seeds and nuts in a way I had never imagined. The meals are abundant, visually sexy and beyond delicious….especially her dressings and deserts.

Louise W.

It was so encouraging to see my weight going down each week, but most importantly my overall health, arthritic pain and my stress levels disappearing. I have not seen my doctor yet, but my main problems were overweight and excruciating arthritic pain in my knee and toes. After two week, I stopped taking anti-inflammatory regularly and after 6 weeks, I have not taken any medication.


My first visit to Rosemarie was eye-opening. Not until I had actually sat down and talked to someone about raw food/holistic lifestyle change and overall outlook at food, did I realise how much I had fallen by the wayside. With her guidance and positive outlook, the path was paved for me to break old habits and start afresh.

I went home with reading material and recipes of salads & desserts and was told to drink 2 green smoothies a day, I had immediate energy from the green smoothies and to this day this is my medicine I may consume less at times now but I can tell when it's time to up the amount.

- Kathy V.

Jodie C.

When I first met Rosemarie I was waking up feeling ten years or so older than my chronological age. Now I feel ten years younger and wake up feeling alert and ready to face the day.

Daniel T.

When I first met Rosemarie I was a very different person. I was eating mostly canned food, lots of bread and carbohydrates; I was doing a job that I didn’t enjoy, and I was too afraid to express my creativity.

Rosemarie patiently supported me through my journey. Today I am a happier man thanks to her.

Sophie T.

Noticing the effects it was having on me he wanted to be part of it so I just made double of whatever was on the menu. Not only has the program transformed and healed my body it has transformed my business, my relationship with myself and my husband and I am looking forward to an extraordinary life moving forward.

Lin Wee.jpg

Lin W.

Rosemarie has been invaluable in supporting and guiding me through this maze of life. My journey with Rosemarie started with personal guidance, helping me deal and manage my personal relationships (and family relationships), understanding why we behave and react in certain ways and what our triggers are, and what we can do to grow ourselves so we do not continue making the same decisions that do not serve us, over and over again.


Over the last 5 years, Rosemarie has helped me uncover so much of my childhood that has been influencing and triggering my current being and how to work on these various areas to accept what cannot be changed and develop to be the best self I can be, through understanding nutrition and self love, so we can be strong and resilient mentally, physically and emotionally.


It is so important to have someone who you can be totally vulnerable to, and be totally honest with, and know that you will not be judged, to have a truly understanding listening ear — this is Rosemarie. We are all a work in progress and it is so special to have someone like Rosemarie on my side as I work towards living my life in true authenticity and love. Thank you Rosemarie for your ongoing support and guidance. Words cannot express how much you have helped me. I am very grateful. X

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