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I have attempted several diets in the past that I never end up sticking to because my cravings were just to strong and my will power was too weak. I am very proud to say that with the Juice Cleanse, I stuck with it the whole way through without much effort, and I think mainly it is because I enjoyed the whole journey of the Juice Cleanse. When Rosemarie told me about the Juice Cleanse, I was intrigue and straight away, I knew I wanted to do it. I love fruit and I love vegetables and told my brain straight away that it was going to be easy but I love juices. The only concern I had was that I feel the cold, and with my Asian decent, I always gravitate to having hot foods. So I wasn't sure how I would go on the Juice Fast. But I knew with conviction I wanted to do it so I didn't even give myself the time or space to think otherwise. 

On the Juice Fast, we found so many positive factors, that made the 14 days so much fun and enjoyable. First, my partner and I were super organised and kept our fridge stocked full of all the fruit and vegetables we love. We found that we had more time during the day because we didn't have to plan and prep lunch or dinner meals. We would do all our juicing in the morning that would feed us the whole day. In the evenings, we had so much more time to do some of the things we don't usually get time to do.

On a personal level, I cannot believe how good I felt! I was waking up naturally at 6.30am where I usually struggle. I would usually fall asleep and struggle to stay awake at my computer every single day between about 2.30 and 4.30pm but on the juice fast, I was awake and alert throughout the whole day. I am also usually very forgetful and foggy in my brain and even that disappeared. I was clear and on top of everything I have to do in my day. And best of all, I lost 4.5kg in 14 days and I felt amazing! My clothes were fitting so much nicer and I felt so good, I cannot put into words that feeling of energy and clarity, but I loved it! I was on a high and I would do it again in a heartbeat!



Business Owner / Brand Strategist & Designer

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