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12 Ways To Calm Anxiety

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

12 ways to calm anxiety

I have never been an anxious person, but after a challenging start to 2018, I found myself not coping well with deadlines and schedules.

I began experiencing an overwhelming sense of dread, fear of the future, panic attacks, heartache, tightening in the chest, insomnia, lack of appetite, lack of motivation, listlessness and more.

I had to start using tools to help bring me out of that state.

In this series I present 12 ways to calm anxiety. Here is the full list. You can click on each tool to read more about how each item supports emotional wellbeing and reduces anxious thoughts, feelings and physical sensations.

Dealing with anxiety is not an easy journey but by working with these tools one by one you can begin to escape.

I can honestly say that anxiety no longer affects me. It has been replaced by a renewed determination to take care of the very fragile ego. It is this that has inspired me to share with you some of these skills and lifestyle changes.

Best of luck working your way through these tools. I'd love to hear about your experiences.

With Love Rose xx


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