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I learnt about this wonder herb when in the Catskill forest in New York State studying herbalism with Susun Weed, an accomplished herbalist.

Motherwort’s Latin name is Leonurus cardiaca. It’s touted as the “herb of longevity” by the Japanese, who make it into wine.

I personally like to use a motherwort tinctures with my patients, which involves extracting the herb’s essence with ethanol. It creates an incredibly effective medicine. I was fortunate to study under the famous Dr Laws, who taught me about herbal preparation from the growth of the plant, all the way to the finished product.

Motherwort belongs to the mint family, but unlike regular mint it is not aromatic. It is my go to herb for emotional upheaval. It can stop a panic attack right in its tracks. If someone is feeling stressed, freaked out, upset or out of balance motherwort is what I reach for time and time again.

It can be used by all ages. It is fantastic for premenstrual syndrome, frenzied children or the emotional madness associated with menopause. It can even be good for lovers who need Motherwort’s calming effects.

Like most herbs motherwort has many applications. It can also provide fast relief for menstrual cramps. Susan Weed recommends taking 5-10 drops at the first twinge of pain, and repeating this every 10-15 minutes as needed. Motherwort has both a tonic effect in addition to providing pain relief. Over time it helps tone the uterine muscle. After about 4 months of use menstrual cramps should be eliminated for good.

It is fantastic for all types of pain, whether that’s back pain, tooth pain, or abdominal pain from excess gas. It is also fantastic remedy for patients with chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia.

As mentioned above I also love using Motherwort for menopausal women. It can help stop hot flushes, drop a racing heartbeat, sooth frayed nerves and help release tears. I often recommend taking a dose before bed to support deeper sleep. Daily use can also help improve vaginal tone and elasticity and bolster libido.

Importantly, motherwort also helps heal the heart. In fact it’s one of the world’s best heart tonics. Its name actually means “lion hearted” or “strong hearted”. Daily use has been shown to help increase the growth of new blood vessels within the heart, which is why Susan Weed refers to motherwort as “bypass in a bottle”. Motherwort helps loser blood pressure, improve heart function and strengthen electrical activity within the heart.

Are there any cases where Motherwort is contraindicated?

Please be aware that Motherwort can increase vascularisation in the uterus, making it contraindicated in those with endometriosis or fibroids. Herbal medicine is best prescribed by a practioner.

This article is part of my series on 12 ways to calm anxiety. If you would like to read about some of the other tools that I recommend to my clients to help them reduce anxiety then please have a read through the other blogs in the series.

If you would like to book in for a consult or purchase some motherwort from me then please get in contact.

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