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Raw Satya offers a range of workshops where Rosemarie shares her

passion for healthy eating and ‘food as medicine’.


These workshops are informative, fun and interactive, leaving you with a full belly, and everything you need to implement nourishing lifestyle changes.


Introduction to Plant-Based Living Workshop 

Rosemarie showed us that it is much easier than expected to prepare interesting and tasty raw food, that there are enormous health benefits, practical information like how and where to shop and much more to make it simple to do.


Gut Health Masterclass

Whoever said you "don't make friends with salad" has never had the pleasure of eating Rosemarie's salads at this workshop - amazing! Thanks so much. My stomach is very happy and very full.


Age 9, Kids Workshop 

I didn't just like the workshop...I LOVED it, and I want to do it again!

What People Are Saying


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