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Three Easy Ways to Improve Gut Health

The importance of a healthy digestive system cannot be understated. Poor gut health can lead to a wide selection of health issues. Mood disturbances, hormone imbalances, fatigue and auto-immune disease have all been linked to poor gastrointestinal function. It's therefore important that we take steps daily to improve our gut health.

Today I'm going to discuss 3 key ways that you can improve your digestive health and improve your overall wellbeing. Here goes!

1. Change Your Diet

You don’t have to make drastic changes to your diet, but a few small changes can make a big impact. Start by adding more fiber to your diet and incorporate an abundance leafy greens and other colourful vegetables. Vegetables like beetroot, tomato, purple cabbage, carrots and kale, radish, zucchini, squash and rainbow coloured silverbeet are all wonderful inclusions. Visit your local farmers market for fresh produce, the key here is to mix things up on a daily basis. Adding colour to your diet increases your intake of phytonutrients and antioxidant compounds, thereby reducing inflammation throughout your digestive tract.

Increasing fiber is particularly important as it can help feed the beneficial bacteria in your colon. This healthy bacteria is important to your overall health influencing your immune system, hormone balance, moods and overall vitality.

A healthy internal environment will also lead to healthy and glowing skin, which is definitely a welcome bonus as we all grow older.

2. Drink More Water

It may seem simple but consuming 2-4 litres of water a day significantly improves digestive health. Adequate water is required for the synthesis of our digestive secretions, which ensures the effective breakdown of food and absorption of nutrients. Adequate water intake is particularly important for individuals suffering constipation as increased hydration increases the bulk of the stool and makes it easier to pass, which helps provide much needed relief. Remember that, soft drink, coffee and black tea don't count towards your total water intake as these drinks are are diuretics, and excessive consumption can lead to dehydration. Pure (preferably filtered water) is required in order to keep you optimally hydrated. If you want to add a bit of flavour then add some fresh basil or mint and a squeeze of citrus to a jug of water and drink throughout the day. It's very refreshing!

3. Add Probiotics

It's always best to start with food and water when it comes to improving digestion, but sometimes your system needs an extra little boost to help things along. Adding a probiotic to the mix can be particularly beneficial for improving digestion and gut health, particularly in those with leaky gut. When selecting a probiotic it's important to consider the number and type of strains present in the formulation. Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium are two particularly well-researched families of bacteria and supplementation with these strains can help repair damage to the intestinal integrity, increase digestive secretions and improve regularity. I've had great success with the BioGaia probiotic pictured on the right and often prescribe this to my clients.

By making these 3 changes to your daily routine you will be able to see quick improvement to your digestive health and notice ongoing improvements in your overall wellness and vitality. If you would like more personalised attention then please book in for a Free 30 minute Call and let’s get your body humming from top to bottom.

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