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Gynostemma Tea

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Gynostemma tea
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Gynostemma Leaf tea is an often forgotten adaptogen that’s been revered within Chinese medicine for many years. This daily tonic is powerful, affordable and useful for improving stress-management, longevity, and immunity. It has long been referred to as the "miracle grass" and is pronounced guy-no-stemma. In Japan it is treasured for its youth-preserving properties and is the most consumed beverage after green tea.

Gynostemma is safe for all ages and can be consumed on a continuous basis due to its gentle effects. It is often blended with other tonic herbs like American ginseng, schizandra berries, goji berries, citrus peel, ginger and/or green apples.


  1. Balances Qi (this is a Chinese Medicine concept referring to our vital energy)

  2. Reduces stress – Gynostemma is a profound adaptogen which has unique ability to stimulate when you feel tired whilst also helping you sleep more deeply when consumed in the evening. Its ability to reduce stress also helps prevent aging.

  3. Helps regulate body temperature – Asian herbalist say that gynostemma has a “cooling quality” and prevents the body from overheating, sometimes targeting specific areas based on what’s going on within the individual. It is therefore a go to herb in the Summer months. That said Gynostemma can be used year-round, even in colder climates, especially if it’s blended with warming herbs like ginger, ginseng and goji berries.

  4. Improves Immunity - many studies have shown that gynostemma has a profound immune regulating action that contributes in many ways to our health and well-being. It boosts immune functions related to resistance, while it modulates over-zealous immune actions that can be problematic in many ways

  5. Boosts beauty – Gynostemma helps maintain smooth, lovely skin and hair, and slows down the “inflammaging” (inflammation x aging) that affects everyone over time.


Be sure to get high-quality gynostemma! Cheap gynostemma can taste grassy or bitter, while high-quality gynostemma will be sweet and delicious. In Summer it can be drunk cold, whilst in Winter we recommend drinking it hot.


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