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See also References External links Category:Airlines of France Category:Defunct low-cost airlines Category:Defunct airlines of France Category:Airlines established in 1997 Category:Airlines disestablished in 2001 Category:Defunct seaplane operatorsQ: cannot locate "compiler.command" when calling exe with system("program") When I do this: system("notepad") The code runs fine. system("program.exe") It gives error: Error: cannot locate 'compiler.command' Error: cannot locate 'compiler.preprocess' Error: cannot locate 'compiler.stamp_suffix' Error: cannot locate 'compiler.execute_process' Error: cannot locate 'compiler.load_command' I'm using visual studio 2010, and I can confirm that the program.exe exists. Any idea? A: The.exe extension usually means "executable file", not "executable". You probably meant to use: system("C:\Program Files (x86)\App\App.exe") Almería in South America is a region whose vineyards produce the most distinctive wines of Spain. Its history is inextricably linked with the Phoenicians, who settled in the area during the 2nd millennium BC, bringing with them the secrets of viticulture. In the Middle Ages, Arab conquerors introduced a new wine style and the region came to be known as Albarracín. Then the Moors were driven out and the Reconquista began, leading to the vinification of Albarracín wines in the new Spanish style. At the end of the 15th century, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella decreed that the Kingdom of Castile and Aragon should be restricted to Christian lands. Thus, the legal division between wine-producing lands of the two realms was established, known as the Cinchero Decree. Its effect was to concentrate vineyards in the area of Andalusia in the South and Catalonia in the North. The vines and winemaking system established during the Roman occupation have endured through the ages, with little change, but the quality of the wine has improved. Today,




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