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Dry Body Brush

Iris Hantverk handmade bath brush in oak, horse hair and tampico fibre for a little extra scrubbing power.


The largest detoxification organ of the body is the skin. Dry brushing unclogs pore in the exfoliation process and helps detoxify by increasing the blood circulation promoting the lymphatic system to flow. The lymphatic system works with the circulatory system and removes waste in the body. Dry brushing also stimulates the nervous system, which can feel quite invigorating. It also helps to open the pores releasing the natural oil of the body, and this can feel wonderful if you suffer from dry skin.


Dry brushing is also good for better skin tone, giving a smooth skin finish. It will also help by elevating the circulation and will also improve with hydration as well gently detoxify.


Used for dry body brushing, you will recieve Raw Satya dry-brushing instruction with your purchase.

Dry Body Brush

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