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14 Day Detox Program

The 14 day Detox Program is the signature Raw Satya detox and wellness program. This program has been crafted according to naturopathic principles and is individualised to suit your unique needs in consultation with Rosemarie. Every ingredient has been chosen specifically and every recipe has been designed to deliver nutrition and boost your body's detoxification functions.


Across 14 days you will enjoy recipes for all meals & snacks, morning and evening self-care rituals, and a journal to help you track your progress.


Not for the faint-hearted, this program is a retreat for the body fostering in-depth physical recovery and cleansing.


The program includes:
+ 30 minute FREE private consult with Rosemarie 
+ Detox support

+ Complete shopping lists

+ All meal recipes (large portions for every appetite, we promise you won't go hungry!)


14 days gives the time for real changes to occur in your body. For maximum benefit you are encouraged to repeat the program again immediately, to extend your program duration to 28 days.


You can choose to have the consultation at any time during your program. To schedule your Skype or phone consultation, you can book in here. 

14 Day Detox Program

  • "The program itself is something else! I felt it brought up everything that needed healing but in such a subtle calm manner it felt like it flowed, everything made sense even if I couldn't articulate it logically or with words. It just felt right." - Deepika J


    "When I first met Rosemarie I was waking up feeling ten years or so older than my chronological age. Now I feel ten years younger and wake up feeling alert and ready to face the day." - Jodie C

    "Noticing the effects it was having on me he wanted to be part of it so I just made double of whatever was on the menu. Not only has the program transformed and healed my body it has transformed my business, my relationship with myself and my husband and I am looking forward to an extraordinary life moving forward." -Sophie T

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