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The Art of Moderation

With the many many diets out there now, there is a whole lot of women and men who are utterly confused with what they should be eating for good health. It is no wonder with all kinds of diets making claim to be the best for your health, including paleo, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, sugar free, 5:2, carb free, dairy free, everything free.

Over the years working in clinic as an accredited naturopath, I have seen many people following many different diets for all sorts of reasons, and they do not necessarily succeed long term unless regular mentoring and support takes place over a committed period of time.


What I have seen time and time again, is that the way to long term success in any diet is not about the food at all. Instead the best results have been when people are dedicated to simplify their lifestyle, take a long term approach, begin a relationship with the food they purchase and eat, and make more balanced choices by enjoying a flexible approach to their meals.  

How to Eat with Moderation

Eating in moderation is not about the food, but ultimately it is about self-love. It is about making choices more frequently that are from a place of love for your health and your body.

  • Let go of any ideas of good or bad food, and embrace seasonal fresh organic food. If you say you can't have something because it is bad, the brain will want it more. Give yourself permission to enjoy what you love.

  • Take time to source good quality food. Get to know foods that you are not particularly familiar with and ask questions on how to prepare. If at a farmers market, ask about where your food has come from, this will then give you so much appreciation of the food you will be eating.

  • It is important to eat when hungry, and to stop eating before feeling completely full and uncomfortable. This is mindful eating.

  • Listen to your body cues and remember eat slowly. Chew your food 30 times for better digestion and 10-15 times for soft food. 

  • Simplify the eating experience. Do not engage in multiple activities whilst eating, eat with friends and family or alone with gentle music in the background.

No matter what health condition you may have, eating through moderation works wonders and remember that the best diet is one that comes with a big serving of self-love.

With abundant love & moderation,

Rose xx


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