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Corporate Workshops

What Is Wellness Within?

Wellness Within are wellbeing workshops and programs that offer support, naturopathy based information, and revitalisation for your workforce, team or community. 

They can be held within your workplace environment, or we can source the perfect space for you.

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“I'm so grateful I had Rosemarie speak to my team of Instructors at Jetstar. Her dynamic presentation style, the balance of actionable advice, illustrative stories, and personable, smile-filled demeanour should put her at the top of any potential speakers list for your next leadership meeting, offsite, or conference."

Anita Rozen 

Cabin Crew Training & Checking Manager


Why is Workplace Wellness Important?

Mentally healthy workplaces are more important to Australian employees than physically safe workplaces, however workplaces are not meeting their expectations.  

Co Workers


of employees believe mental health in the workplace is important, more important in fact than physical safety.


of employees believe their workplace is mentally healthy.


believe their most senior leader values mental health. 

1 in 5

Australian employees report that they have taken time off work due to feeling mentally unwell in the past 12 months.

$10.9 Billion

The estimated cost of untreated mental health conditions in Australian workplaces each year.


This comprises: $4.7 billion in absenteeism, $6.1 billion in presenteeism, and $146 million in compensation claims.

The Upside?

In workplaces that employees consider mentally healthy:

Self-reported absenteeism as a result of experiencing mental ill-health reduces by almost half

Retention of staff increases

Businesses attract a higher level of talent if they have a workplace wellbeing strategy and programs in place.

What Does the Workshop Involve?

Our core Wellbeing Within workshop includes:

  • An introduction to Raw Satya's 'Food as
    Medicine' philosophy

  • Vital nutrition information

  • Healthy food tasting experience

  • The importance of self-care

  • Living a mindful lifestyle

  • + Plenty of time for questions & discussion

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Who is Wellness Within Suited To?

At Raw Satya, we work with small and large businesses, employees and CEO's. Our strategies have been tried and tested over 10+ years and continue to demonstrate remarkable results. 

Our Wellness Within program can be tailored to suit any group, team and workforce.
The Raw Satya team will also create a retreat tailored specifically to your workforce needs, which will have them returning to work ‘reset', revitalised and refocused.

Speak to us to find out more about how we can support your business to thrive. 

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To book a workshop, plan a corporate wellbeing program or retreat, or for more information on how Raw Satya can bring wellness to your workplace, get in touch for your FREE workplace consultation via the form below:

Thank you!

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