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What is Intuitive Eating?

Do you listen to your body? Be honest with yourself, many of us don’t.

When it comes to food, listening to your body needs to be your top priority. It you want to be healthy mindful eating is far more powerful than any diet plan or calorie counting regime.

I’m sure you can make a recipe, right? So what if you cook somebody else’s recipe (this is key) and halfway through eating it you begin to feel full? If you’re like many of my clients, you continue to eat because it’s in front of them, and they often do this to the point of feeling sick.

Some of us feel we need guidelines on how many calories to eat. In reality you’re much better off listening to your own body’s signals (the little voices of your body) and trusting that it knows best.

There's a lot of pressure to slim down and get healthy. Eating intuitively means paying attention to your desires, cravings and urges whenever they arise and indulging just enough to satisfy, but not over-indulging.

Do not punish your body, listen to its wisdom, rather than all the nutrition noise. There is a diet industry out there, but don’t let your power go to it. Trust and love your body and become intuitively aligned to it on a spiritual and cellular level. We need to remind ourselves of own our own power when it comes to food.

Let us remind ourselves that we are a living, growing, abundant organism that needs self-love and nourishment. This approach means that the things we love turns into fuel rather than rewards or vices, giving us full control over our body and spirit. This is true happiness.

You don't need to follow any trend. There’s no need to be a vegan, vegetarian, keto, paleo or pescetarian. Intuitive eating means that you simply listen to your needs and learn from your body signals. How are you feeling? What is it that you want?

Intuition is learning about your body and how it reacts to different things. My journey has been about how things make me feel. We must learn to listen to our internal mechanisms. You are your own expert. You need to learn to trust yourself.

Ultimately, listen to your body and figure out what works for you. Listen to what draws you and by following it, life will begin to align with you. Once you begin to unlock your intuition, trust it, follow and sharpen it. It will always be there for you to access — and once you do, it will provide you with the most profound life experiences.

With love Rose


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